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What Trends Are Gaining Popularity In The Automotive Industry? Here Are 5!

The automotive industry is one of the most exciting and fastest-paced industries globally. Many trends have been gaining popularity in recent years, such as electric vehicles and self-driving cars.

Our team at Glendale Nissan will talk about these popular trends and how they will affect the automotive industry. Scroll down for expert info on all trends auto!

Trend 1: The Electric Car

Electric and hybrid cars have become very popular in recent years. Many people are opting for electric vehicles instead of gas-powered vehicles. These cars help protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gases and other pollutants that affect air quality.

These vehicles are also prized for their quietness and the smoothness of their rides. Some people view electric cars as the future of automotive transportation. This trend is only going to continue growing in popularity.

Trend 2: The Self-Driving Car

The famous self-driving or autonomous car is another trend gaining popularity in the automotive industry. Some cars can already drive themselves on highways, and this technology is expected to get even more advanced as time goes by.

One reason why people love self-driving vehicles is that they are considered safer than regular cars. If the driver becomes distracted by something while driving, then a self-driving car would not be affected and could continue operating independently. Self-driving vehicles also benefit people who cannot drive themselves, like seniors or people with disabilities.

Trend 3: Car Sharing Services

This trend has soared in popularity lately. Car sharing services are convenient for people who use public transportation to get around or those with a busy lifestyle and who do not have much time on their hands.

It is easier to share one car between several passengers than own and operate your vehicle. This trend is also environmentally friendly because it reduces the number of vehicles on the road.

Trend 4: Autonomous Trucks and Buses

Although they're not so common yet, autonomous trucks and buses are gradually gaining traction. These vehicles don't require a driver, leading to safer roads and less pollution. These vehicles also have the potential to make transportation more efficient and cost-effective.

This trend is also exciting for entrepreneurs and businesses. For example, you could transport goods or passengers in the future with driverless trucks and buses that require minimal maintenance!

Trend 5: Online Car Shopping

This last trend is one that we're sure many of our customers are already familiar with. More and more people buy cars online, thanks to the convenience and wide selection offered by up-to-date car dealerships.

Buying a car can be a daunting experience, but it doesn't have to be. With online car shopping, you can take your time browsing different models and makes - all from the comfort of your bedroom!

The Gist

Are you ready to tackle the trends of the automotive industry? If so, Glendale Nissan is here to help. We're proud to serve Rosemead, CA, and provide a wide selection of vehicles for you to choose from.

Whether you're interested in electric cars or online car shopping, we're happy to answer your questions and help you find the right vehicle for your needs.

Check out our inventory today!

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6 Winter Car Care Tips To Keep Your Ride Shiny & Trouble-Free

‘Snow in California?!’ you laugh. You’re right, it’s rare to see snowfall in California; however, it’s not unheard of either! Winter brings plenty of problems along, especially for cars. So, if it does snow this winter, you need to prepare your ride!

Below are a few tips for how to keep your car looking great this winter:

A Shiny Exterior

You'll want to make sure that the exterior of your car is properly cleaned and waxed. This will help protect against salt and road grime during these cold months. If you want a newer look for your vehicle, consider painting the door jams and other areas to give it a fresher appearance.

Sturdy Tires

It's also essential that you have good tires on your car if you live in an area with snow or ice during wintertime. Make sure they are properly inflated, as low pressures can cause damage to your tires and make it tough to stay on the road. This is especially important if you experience problems with hydroplaning while driving in rain or snow, leading to accidents.

Cover Up the Leaks

Be cautious of any leaks or cracks in the hoses or tires. If they exist, have them fixed before they grow worse. Mechanical problems can be harder to spot in cold weather, especially minor ones.

Winterizing Your Battery

To avoid any chance of your battery dying at an inconvenient time during the wintertime due to low temperatures, ensure it is kept charged and ready for use all year round. Batteries drain quickly due to heaters being constantly used inside the vehicle cabin during winters. Keeping your car plugged into a trickle charger if you're not driving it very often is a great idea.

Keep Your Car Fully Juiced

One of the crucial things you can do for your car during winter is check all fluids, including engine oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid. Please make sure they are at their correct levels with no signs of leakage. It would help if you also consider changing your engine oil and filter, preferably in the springtime, so that all of the gunk from winter is cleaned out.

Add a Survival Kit

If there is a chance you could get stranded in your car during a winter storm, it's a good idea to have a survival kit handy. This should include blankets, flares, jumper cables, water, snacks, and a first-aid kit. It's also essential to keep your gas tank at least half full, so you can run the engine for warmth if necessary.

We're going to assume that you've covered the fundamentals (such as the scraper, which should be under the seat?) and are up to date on your car's regular scheduled maintenance. Don't put it off—a mishap that may be an annoyance in the summertime might become a life-threatening hazard in the winter. If your car servicing is still due, get in touch with Glendale Nissan, serving Burbank, CA.

Schedule a service today!

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Electric Vehicles & 3 More Hot Automotive Industry Trends

With rapidly advancing technology all around us, it's no surprise that the automotive industry is going through some significant changes. Whether it is promoting green technology or putting forth better fuel efficiency, the automotive industry is really evolving, with new trends and developments popping up all the time. If you’re a vehicle owner, it's always essential to stay up-to-date on the latest news and changes in the industry. The following are the biggest trends in the automobile industry. Enjoy!

1) Electrification

The push for electrification in cars has grown steadily over the past few years. Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. While they aren't quite mainstream yet, it won't be long before entirely electric cars become just as common on the roadways as their gas-guzzling counterparts.

Electrification is also being seen elsewhere around the industry. Many companies are focusing more on hybrid models to help improve fuel efficiency without sacrificing the power or performance levels that drivers demand from their vehicles.

2) Autonomous Vehicle

Autonomous vehicles seemed like a distant reality a few years ago; however, today, in 2022, they are becoming more and more common. Automakers, technology companies, and startups alike are all vying for a piece of the self-driving market, which is projected to be worth trillions in the coming years.

As autonomous vehicles become a common sight on our roadways, it's essential to consider how they will impact both the automotive industry and society. Many questions still need to be answered, such as who will be held liable in an accident, what happens to the jobs of taxi drivers and truckers, and how this new technology will change our lives. Maybe 2022 has answers to all the questions above.

3) What's in Store for Traditional Car Ownership?

Disrupting technology has already put a question mark over the benefits of car ownership for many working Americans. Startups like Uber, GoDrive, and ZipCar offer the convenience of delivering a car when you need it and then picking it up when you're finished. Ridesharing is becoming a more popular way to get around the city, and with autonomous cars, this trend will only continue to grow.

It's not just startups that are shaking things up in the automotive industry - traditional car companies are also feeling the heat. To stay competitive, they've been investing heavily in new technology such as electric vehicles and self-driving cars. What does this mean for people who want to own a car? What does the future have in store for us? We'll have to wait to find out.

4) Artificial Intelligence

Computers are getting smarter, and car manufacturers want to make sure they're on the cutting edge of this new technology. With artificial intelligence playing a significant role in self-driving cars, they need to stay ahead of the curve.

Eventually, people will use their smartphones as an extension of the car itself, making driving safer than ever before. These technologies have huge implications that might not become apparent until years down the road, so stay tuned!

Regardless of what changes and trends the automobile industry goes through, you can count on Glendale Nissan, serving Atwater, CA, to deliver the best in products, servicing, and automobile advice. Schedule a service with our team now!

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6 Winter Car Care Tips To Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

People in snowy regions feel right at home with their coffee & windshield ice scrapers. But they can't fathom how California's Mediterranean-like climate can also warrant drastic winter changes and car problems. Winter car care is serious in any climate zone, and Somerset is no different.

True, one should be regular with car maintenance, but winters take up the most concern to keep our cars running. While it barely snows in Somerset, it's cold enough to stress your battery, pump, & oil filters. Let's get on with some essential winter car care tips.

1. Sweater Weather for Your Car

If you're an avid knitter, you can take on the challenge using all-natural wool. But for this fall, get a scratch-free car cover. Have your car's exterior detailed professionally with a winter-wax coat, then off to the garage to keep away from the wind & cold. Don't wash your car outdoors, especially with pressurized hot water!

2. Break Out the Snow Tires

It doesn't snow much in Somerset to warrant snow chains but the least you ought to do is invest in a quality set of tires. Snow tires not only afford a good grip on black-iced roads, but they also get you through the slippery mulch on the country roads. All-weather tires work well, but have them checked for damage before taking to the road.

3. Change 'Everything' Wiper

Switch out your windshield wiper fluid for a winter-grade fluid that won't freeze. Also, consider changing your wipers this season to avoid scratched windshields. Schedule the following windshield wiper change in late spring.

4. Keep the Tanks At Least Half-Full

There is much risk of water vapor condensing in the fuel tank and causing combustion issues later on in winters. A half-full tank or fully-topped up induces enough vapor pressure to deter condensation throughout the combustion system. Not only will your car start easy, but it won't be prone to splutter & stall on marching.

5. Change the Oil & Check the Levels

Engine oil is practically maple syrup at winter temperatures and can go to molasses consistency at an even lower value. This strains the oil pump's battery responsible for filtering the oil as it circulates the engine. Not changing the engine oil to a less-viscous winter grade will give you a blown O-ring & a torn filter for Christmas. Change your oil grade to 5W30 or consult your owner's manual for correct oil levels and winter grades.

6. Test Your Car Battery

A wet cell battery and winter don't get along. At 32F, the battery barely generates enough charge to start the car, so it's a good ol' jump start. If it's frozen, it's irrevocably dead. We suggest you either get a battery blanket from a local auto shop or invest in a dry cell battery as they will fare better in Somerset’s climate.

It's never too late in December to get your car a round of winter service in the oil & tire department. At Glendale Nissan, serving Somerset, CA, our service center is fully equipped to get your brakes & tires geared for the winter slips.

You can shop for winter tires here. Do check our specials & be sure to book service with us!

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The Tire, The Whole Tire, And Nothing But The Tire

What's the first thing that pops up when you think of your car? If you said "the tires," you're right! Your car's tires are critical to its performance, and it's essential to keep them in good condition.

In this blog post, Glendale Nissan will discuss the importance of tire maintenance and tell you all you need to know and more about your car tires. We hope this information helps keep you safe on the road!

No. 1: Safety Check

Your car's tires are key to your safety while driving. They provide traction and braking power, which is why it's essential to make sure they're in good condition.

You should always check your tires before taking a trip, and you should also inspect them regularly for signs of wear and tear. If anything strange with your tires catches your eye, bring them to a professional as soon as possible.

Delaying tire repairs can be dangerous, so don't take any chances. Ensure that your tires are in tip-top condition and get them fixed if they're not.

No. 2: Managing Pressure

To make sure you're getting the most out of your tire investment, you should check your tire pressure at least once a month. You can do this with a traditional tire gauge, or you can check it more conveniently on many of today's modern cars.

Thanks to technology, you may not have to check your tire pressure at all. Many new cars are equipped with sensors that automatically monitor your car's tires and display the air pressure on your dashboard.

No. 3: Routine Rotation

All that driving can take a toll on your tires, especially if you don't rotate them every few thousand miles. Regular rotation helps distribute the wear and tear more evenly so that your tires last longer.

By taking your car in for regular tire rotations, you'll be able to take full advantage of your tires' potential. Moreover, keeping up with tire rotation is one of the main things you can do to maintain the safety and efficiency of your car.

No. 4: Informed Investments

Tire care starts with the type of purchase you make. Not all tires are created equal, and you'll want to take care when selecting the right set for your car.

We've compiled a list of the 3 main types of tires available on the market today: summer tires, all-season tires, and winter tires.

  1. Summer Tires are exactly that - they're designed for use during warmer months to provide superior grip in dry and wet conditions while also maximizing comfort levels. These should be your go-to option for those who don't see much rain or snow throughout the year.
  2. All-Season Tires are designed to perform well in all weather conditions, regardless of the time of year. They are an excellent choice for those who don't want to bother with switching out their tires throughout different seasons and tend to stay on primarily dry roads during winter months.
  3. As you've probably guessed, winter tires are explicitly meant for the colder times of the year. Their tread is uniquely designed to provide maximum traction on slippery, icy surfaces.

The Gist

For further information, get in touch with Glendale Nissan serving Atwater, CA. Our service department is staffed by experienced professionals who can answer any of your questions and help you keep your tires in top condition.

Schedule a service with us today!

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4 Deal Testers To Try Before Saying Yes To A New Car Deal!

There is a term for buying your first car without hidden hassles; it's called "Deal Testers". Now, these are crucial questions that help you cut to the chase, past the confusing salesperson's ramble, and right to a perfect first-time car-buy deal.

Deal testers help clarify the terms of your purchase, the inclusive fees, warranties, and the ownership costs you will have to bear. You should definitely test these out on your solo run to a car dealership!

1. What Are the Relevant Fees for Purchase & Documentation?

This is the "Exit the Door" question, and it's best asked after you have negotiated a suitable price on the car. With this question, you are opening the doors to additional fees requiring a tear-down inspection to determine what legitimate costs are involved. Legal fees like sales tax, tire recycling, registration & documentation are a must. The documentation cost is, in essence, the cost of you filling in the contract details, and it can range from $100 cap to $600 in unregulated states. These are standard car fees, too, so even if the fee is too high, you have better luck negotiating the car price than the documentation fee.

2. Can I Have a Listing of The Dealership-Installed Add-Ons on the car?

Most car models are shipped out with add-ons from the manufacturer, but reputable dealerships have a few of their own to add as well. Mind you, contrary to the belief that dealers add these features to maximize profits; these dealer add-ons come in very useful for the car's longevity & security. Nitrogen-filled tires, tinted windows, all-weather mats & wheel locks are the ones you should have. Another is the vehicle recovery system that is presumed standard, but it's pretty widespread and functional, so every dealership installs this. We are not saying you should avoid add-ons, but we insist you know which ones are feasible.

3. What's The Mileage on The New Car?

It sounds like an odd question for a new car, but this might help you reconsider your selection. Both on-premises & internet shoppers assume a new car ought not to have more than a measly 10miles on their odometer. In fact, some new vehicles are driven over from an affiliate dealership as a "dealer trade," which might spike up the mileage. However, if your selection is racking up 300miles on test drives alone, something is off about the model. Negotiate a lower price and be wary about the warranty coverage.

4. Does Your Dealership Offer Delivery Services?

For internet shoppers, this one wins the cake! When all the particulars have been settled, subtly drop in that it's a done deal if the dealership delivers the car to your place. Your car will arrive all washed & polished, and you can handle the dealership representative in the security of your home or office without the unnecessary sales pitch for extended warranties. If you require further extras, you can just call the dealership's finance manager and have the contract readjusted.

So, the next time a car salesperson asks you, "Do we have a deal?" with their hand extended, don't say, "Yes, we do". Instead, ask these questions, and you're well on your way to becoming an owner of a lovely Sentra!

Glendale Nissan, serving Eagle Rock, CA, brings you an all-new panel of Nissan cars on pre-order and on-hand inventory. You can apply for a car lease and get pre-approved at incredible rates and schedule service at our Glendale dealership.

Contact us for more pricing & availability details.

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How Routine Maintenance Of Your Car Saves You Big Money

Proper maintenance keeps your vehicle running properly, and includes regular checks and services like oil changes, tire rotations, fluid levels, etc. Vehicle maintenance can seem costly at first glance, but it's quite affordable because the cost of not doing it will be even more expensive in the long run. This post will discuss how routine maintenance saves you big money.

Routine Maintenance Catches Problems and Keeps them from Getting Bigger

One of the smartest ways to save money on your car is routine maintenance. It means taking your vehicle in for regular check-ups, oil changes, and other necessary services. By catching small problems before they turn into big ones, you can avoid costly repairs down the road.

For example, if your car’s oil level is low, it can cause the engine to overheat. This could lead to several expensive repairs, such as requiring a new engine or transmission. But by catching the problem early on and getting an oil change, you can avoid all of that.

The same goes for other parts of your car. For example, if you have a broken belt, it can cause the engine to shut down completely. But if you catch the problem before it gets too bad, you can usually fix it for much less money.

Regular maintenance is also important because it keeps your car running smoothly.

Routine Maintenance Ensures Safety

Not only does routine car maintenance help you avoid expensive repairs, but it can also keep your vehicle safe. If a specific part that keeps your tires aligned doesn’t work properly, for example, then driving becomes very dangerous.

Rarely will a part suddenly break on its own without warning signs first. So by keeping an eye on your car and its various components, you can often head off potential accidents or dangerous situations.

It’s also important to keep up with the recommended maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual. Many people skip some of the essential tasks (such as changing the oil), but that can be a mistake. Ignoring even one oil change, for example, can lead to a build-up of sludge in your engine and eventually cause it to seize up.

Routine Maintenance Ensures Improved Gas Mileage

One of the best reasons to keep up with routine maintenance is that it can help improve your gas mileage. When all of the parts are working as they should, your car runs more smoothly and efficiently. This means you don’t have to work as hard to get to where you’re going, saving you fuel costs.

A well-maintained car uses less gasoline and fewer emissions from the exhaust pipe. This is good for your pocket and the environment.

At Glendale Nissan, serving Moorpark, CA, our certified car mechanics offer various services to help you save time and money by taking care of your vehicle before it becomes an expensive problem. Scheduling regular appointments with our dealership service center will keep your car running smoothly for years without major issues or costly repairs. We also have online scheduling available so that you can take care of everything from home.

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Myth Busting Used-Car Buying Behavior

The internet is full of contradictory advice about what to look for when shopping around for a used vehicle. Even the most experienced auto experts will tell you that there are no hard-and-fast rules when purchasing a pre-owned car. Some people swear by certain brands or models, while others say that the only thing that matters is price. So who's right?

Thankfully, we're here to set the record straight on some of these misconceptions so you can make an educated decision about your next automotive purchase.

1) Buy it on a Rainy Day


A lot of people think that because of bad weather, dealerships will significantly drop their prices. After all, they wouldn't want their metal to get wet. This is far from the truth!

Dealerships are well aware that the car will get wet in a downpour, but it won't rust if it's taken care of properly. This myth drives many people to car dealerships when it rains, and they get more busy than usual.

This myth can cost you a lot of money if you believe it. If a dealership of ill-repute is already busy and not interested in bargaining because they are already sold out for that day, they will take advantage of your situation and increase their prices even more.

2) It's More Expensive to Insure Red Cars


Here is another myth that might sound true, but it holds no weight. It makes no difference if you have a red car or a blue one when insuring your vehicle. The color has zero to do with the price of your insurance policy.

The only thing that affects how much it costs for your vehicle is where you live and your driving record and any accidents, moving violations, speeding tickets, etc. The age and type of vehicle are also factors in how much it costs for your insurance policy.

So, if you like a red car, go right ahead and get it.

3) Used Cars are Junk


Many people believe that it's bound to break down because a used car has been driven before. Luckily this isn’t true - most cars are still in great condition even after one person has owned them. Most car owners take very good care of their vehicles and only sell them after driving the car for a few years.

4) Pre-Owned Vehicles Have Poor Resale Value


This is no more than a myth because used cars can certainly retain their value better than many new ones. There are many reasons pre-owned vehicles can keep their value, such as depreciation in value that has already occurred, no hidden charges associated with it, and more.

All you have to do is take good care of a pre-owned vehicle to ensure it will last for years before you even think about selling it. By properly caring for your used car can help retain its value and have a better resale if needed.

If you’ve been considering buying a used car, now is the time to buy. At Glendale Nissan, serving Glendale, CAour inventory of pre-owned vehicles will suit your needs. Whether it be a small sedan for commuting or an SUV with all the bells and whistles, we have used cars for sale for everyone on our lot. Be sure to stop by today.

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